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Problem Solvers Featured company: Mirabella Portland Featured company: Mirabella Portland(Video)
There are nice perks for the employees and the folks who live at Mirabella on Portland's south waterfront. It's a senior community that looks more like a 5-star resort!
Problem Solvers Wash. unemployment rate drops to 8.2 percent Wash. unemployment rate drops to 8.2 percent
The state's unemployment rate dropped to 8.2 percent last month, an improvement that will likely shorten the number of weeks people can receive unemployment benefits.
Problem Solvers "Add 1 Job" campaign nets new hire "Add 1 Job" campaign nets new hire(Video)
Mak Metals posted a job opening in the "Add 1 Job" section of and a hired a new employee after someone saw the job posting.
Problem Solvers Report: Oregon sheds 6,400 jobs in February
On a seasonally adjusted basis, the state lost 6,400 jobs. That means, overall, employers didn't hire on as many workers as they usually do in February. The state unemployment rate remained at 8.8 percent.