Are Your Appliances Ready For The Holidays?

Are Your Appliances Ready For The Holidays? »Play Video

You've decked the halls, done your Christmas shopping, and you're ready for entertaining - but are your appliances up to the challenge? Experts at the nationwide ratings service Angie's List say you should check your appliances well before the company arrives.

There are easy steps you can take to make sure things are working properly. For example, start by making sure your oven is working properly. Angie Hicks, creator of Angie's List says, "My best tip for making sure your oven is in tip top shape this holiday season is to check the temperature. To do that, go out and buy a simple boxed cake mix and cook it to the specifications. If the cake comes out too dry or under-cooked, then you likely have a problem with the temperature and you want to have that checked out."

However, repairs experts say cleaning your oven is a task you should tackle  after the holidays. John Mathew owns an appliance repair company, and he says that ovens can breakdown during the self-clean cycle.  He says, "It does tend to create more problems for the appliance because everything has electronic controls now, so that can cause control panels to short out because of the excessive heat. "  Mathew says the best time to perform a self-clean is around June, when you'd have more than enough time to have any repairs done.

If you are doing appliance repairs yourself, Angie's List recommends keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Shut off electrical and gas lines to appliance.
  • Consult an appliance repair professional first.
  • Lastly, consumer advocates at Angie's List say that if your appliance is more than six years old and repairs cost more than half the cost of a new one, you're probably better off buying a newer model.