Consumer Reports

Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Choosing the right carry-on luggage Consumer Reports: Choosing the right carry-on luggage(Video)
Flying with a carry-on bag can save you $50 or more per trip. No wonder sales are up. But whatever kind you get, it’s got to fit in the overhead bin. Airlines have different maximums they allow. A bag that measures 22 by 14 by 9 inches deep will get you onto most carriers, though some carriers will give you a few inches more.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Amazon's first smart phone Consumer Reports: Amazon's first smart phone(Video)
Amazon is getting ready to release its first smart phone, the Fire. Consumer Reports has started checking out the phone in its labs. Its cell phone team is excited about some of the phone’s features, like dynamic perspective. It gives the phone a 3D look. They’re also intrigued by Firefly, which helps you identify objects in front of you by scanning them. It can even identify music and movies by listening to them.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Protecting electronics while on vacation Consumer Reports: Protecting electronics while on vacation(Video)
Vacation coming up? Chances are you’ll be packing a lot of electronics like smart phones, tablets, e-readers, laptops, GPS devices, cameras, iPod and speakers. They practically need their own suitcase! But if you are thinking of checking them as baggage think again.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Best Greek Yogurt Consumer Reports: Best Greek Yogurt(Video)
Yogurt continues to grow in popularity. Sales now top 7 billion dollars a year. A lot of the latest growth is propelled by Greek-style yogurt. Most yogurts are nutritious and a good source of calcium. Greek yogurt has even more protein and that’s part of the appeal.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: What to buy at Costco Consumer Reports: What to buy at Costco(Video)
Looking to load up on bargains at a warehouse store? Joining Costco can lead to big savings in your household budget, but it’s important to know what to get and what to forget when you’re filling your cart.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Best ice cream Consumer Reports: Best ice cream(Video)
America’s favorite ice cream is vanilla. But what makes plain vanilla really great plain vanilla? An excellent vanilla ice cream should have definite dairy flavor, balanced by real vanilla. It shouldn’t be overly sweet and it should have a creamy, smooth texture.
Problem Solvers Consumer Alerts: Laundry detergent packs Consumer Alerts: Laundry detergent packs(Video)
Laundry detergent packets that you just toss into the washing machine have risen in sales. But safety concerns for children have also increased with more than 20,000 calls to poison control centers since the packets went mainstream in 2012.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Sunscreens for kids Consumer Reports: Sunscreens for kids(Video)
When you choose a sunscreen for your child, what do you look for? About a third of us buy a sunscreen that claims to be for kids. And many choose one that’s doctor-recommended, according to a Consumer Reports survey.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Stroller poses safety risk Consumer Reports: Stroller poses safety risk(Video)
Double strollers are a great option for parents with two kids, especially convertible models that hold children of different sizes and ages. But Consumer Reports says a double stroller, Graco’s Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX, could pose a safety risk.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Poor-performing portable air conditioners Consumer Reports: Poor-performing portable air conditioners(Video)
Portable air conditioners sound like an easy solution for cooling a room that can’t accommodate a window air conditioner, but many are returned by unhappy customers. So Consumer Reports tested 8 from Honeywell, Haier, Frigidaire and Sunpentown, ranging in price from $250 to more than $500 dollars.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Best sunless tanners Consumer Reports: Best sunless tanners(Video)
If you’re craving a summer tan but worried about those damaging ultraviolet rays, a self-tanner might be just the thing. Consumer Reports checked out six popular self-tanning sprays and lotions ranging from about $8 to $35 to see whether they offer a golden glow.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Lawn mowers that make the cut Consumer Reports: Lawn mowers that make the cut(Video)
Consumer Reports has tested more than 100 lawn mowers from companies such as Craftsman, Toro, and Troy-Bilt on acres and acres of grassy fields in Fort Meyers, Florida and has some recommendations so that you’ll get a great cut.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Tracking teen drivers Consumer Reports: Tracking teen drivers(Video)
Car accidents are the number one cause of death for teenagers. Teens are inexperienced drivers, and they tend to speed. Consumer Reports has tested three devices that you install in the car to keep tabs on your teenage driver.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Best buy sunscreens Consumer Reports: Best buy sunscreens(Video)
A Consumer Reports survey finds half of sunscreen wearers say what’s most important is the SPF, or sun protection factor. But Consumer Reports’ lab tests reveal that you can’t always rely on that claim.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Long-lasting nail polish Consumer Reports: Long-lasting nail polish(Video)
A beautiful manicure is a great finishing touch to your look. But it loses its glamor when it starts to chip. Consumer Reports tested seven nail polishes, including several that claim to last a long time. All were applied with a base and top coat if the brand had one.