Consumer Reports

Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Top Mattresses Consumer Reports: Top Mattresses(Video)
A mattress can be one of the toughest purchases to make. So many choices. So many prices. And there always seems to be a blow out sale going on somewhere. Consumer Reports put two dozen mattresses through rigorous tests to help you find the right one.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Wiping Old Electronics Consumer Reports: Wiping Old Electronics(Video)
If you were lucky enough to have gotten a new tablet or laptop for the holidays, you’re probably passing your old one on to someone else or sending it off to be recycled. Consumer Reports says before you do, it’s essential to make sure that all your information gets erased and has advice on how to do it.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Hottest Food Craze: Steam Consumer Reports: Hottest Food Craze: Steam(Video)
The packaging suggests they’re better for you. But is it truly a cooking revolution or just a lot of hot air? Consumer Reports put 10 steam-cooked meals to the test from Kashi, Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice and Marie Callender’s.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Food Fake-Out Consumer Reports: Food Fake-Out(Video)
Some processed foods have strayed so far from the farm and field, that their frighteningly long list of ingredients bears little resemblance to anything you’d find in your pantry. Consumer Reports looked at some supermarket favorites to see what key ingredients give each food its pizzazz.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Handheld gaming devices Consumer Reports: Handheld gaming devices(Video)
If you have a small gamer on your list this holiday season, chances are he wants a portable video-game player. Consumer Reports checked out the offerings from the two main game makers, Sony and Nintendo.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Electronics for Everyone Consumer Reports: Electronics for Everyone(Video)
Even for those who use a phone to shoot videos, an action camera is a great gift. Action camcorders can go where a phone cannot go. You can strap them to a helmet, for example, when you’re biking or skiing and get live action shots of your outdoor sports. Consumer Reports recommends the $300 GoPro Hero3.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Super Cell Phones Consumer Reports: Super Cell Phones
Buying a new phone? There’s no end to the smart things the devices can do! Apple’s iPhone 5s can scan your fingertip to unlock the screen. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 lets you just wave your hand to answer calls. And the Sony Xperia Z can survive a dunk in water. Consumer Reports says those are nice features, but its testers have identified what’s really important in a cell phone.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Avoiding Jewelry Rip-offs Consumer Reports: Avoiding Jewelry Rip-offs(Video)
In the market for some jewelry this holiday season? Unless you’re a gemologist, you probably can’t tell what’s real from a fabulous fake. Consumer Reports Money Adviser can tell you how to get a great deal on jewelry and avoid costly rip-offs.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Cellphone charging mats Consumer Reports: Cellphone charging mats
If you have ever hunted unsuccessfully for the charging cord for your cell phone, you can imagine the convenience of a charging mat. Just plug it into the wall and drop your phone on the mat to recharge the battery. Consumer Reports just tested four charging mats to see whether they deliver.
Problem Solvers Consumer Reports: Kids' Tablets Consumer Reports: Kids' Tablets(Video)
Before you buy a children’s tablet, Consumer Reports says you want to keep in mind how many kids are going to be sharing it, the ages of the kids, what kind of screen size you want. Consumer Reports tested 6, ranging from phone-size to full 10-inch tablet size and from $70 to more than $200.