Special Reports

Special Reports Everyday Hero: Dr. Lori Salierno Everyday Hero: Dr. Lori Salierno(Video)
A local woman is challenging herself, and others, to be an agent of change. Dr. Lori Salierno is biking 3,000 miles across the U.S. as part of a program called Teach One to Lead One.
Special Reports Where will these historic steam locomotives go? Where will these historic steam locomotives go?(Video)
After thousands of volunteer hours and millions of dollars in donations, the effort to save three historic steam locomotives and put them on display is on track. But it hasn't pulled into the station quite yet. KATU's Joe English shows us why the trains are about to be homeless.
Special Reports Everyday Heroes: Babies in Need Everyday Heroes: Babies in Need(Video)
Hundreds of babies are born every month in Vancouver. Some of them are born to mothers who can't afford even the most basic of things such as clothes, blankets and diapers.
Special Reports Everyday Hero: Mako Gedi Everyday Hero: Mako Gedi (Video)
She came to the U.S. 12 years ago unable to speak English and shy. Today Mako Gedi has overcome her challenges and taken a lead in making sure everyone at her school is prepared when disaster strikes.
Special Reports Reports of teacher sexual misconduct on the rise Reports of teacher sexual misconduct on the rise(Video)
The head of the state agency that oversees teachers said there is no question her agency has seen more reports in recent years of sexual misconduct by teachers. That ranges from inappropriate exchanges to rape.
Special Reports Everyday Hero: Ethan Zerpa Everyday Hero: Ethan Zerpa(Video)
Anyone who is in, or has gone to, high school knows it can be a tough place. But Lincoln High School senior Ethan Zerpa dreamed up a unique way to bring his school together.