Planned Parenthood sex ed site ignites controversy

Planned Parenthood sex ed site ignites controversy »Play Video
PORTLAND, Ore. - A new Web site launched by Planned Parenthood has come under criticism for its content, but the organization defends it saying the topic of sex is a serious one that merits a straightforward approach, especially with teens.

Those opposed to the site say it encourages sexual experimentation by young people.

Nationwide, Planned Parenthood receives about $300 million in federal and state funding each year. The Portland organizers did not give a figure on the cost of the new Web site.

Much of the site content is of a mature nature, and features videos of teens in pink or blue T-shirts discussing sex while often getting interrupted by a middle-aged man who dispenses advice, often in blunt terms.

Liz Delapoer said the site was designed to start conversations by young people around the sensitive topic by "using humor and slang to make them a bit more comfortable."

Delapoer said the goal of the Web site is to educate teens about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

Craig Meyers of Concerned Oregonians, a group that is critical of Planned Parenthood, said that to him, the site represents a "sort of endorsement by the adult society to the younger generation of people to do the very things that are destructive to them and to our culture."

Conservative groups such as the Family Research Council are telling those opposed to the site to contact lawmakers and demand funding for Planned Parenthood be terminated.

Representatives from Planned Parenthood said they are not surprised by the controversy and that they are used to it.