The top 5 'germy jobs'

The top 5 'germy jobs'

PORTLAND, Ore. - When someone gets sick at work we all know it travels fast. 

You may have jokingly referred to your office as a petri dish and you'd essentially be right. Germs are everywhere but the careers at the top of the 'most germy list' compiled in a study by the University of Arizona might surprise you.

#1 - Teachers

Allen Schauffler has been a preschool teacher for years at Catlin Gabel, and she says she always warns new teachers when they start work.  "We tell them up front 'you're gonna be sicker and sick more often than you ever have been in your life.' "  Schauffler says it's because kids haven't fully developed their health habits.  It's one of the things they work on teaching them in preschool.

#2 - Accountants

Their desks and pens were rated most germy of all.

#3 - Bankers

The main reason bankers rank third is that they handle so much money.  But on a surprising note, they had the cleanest keyboards.

#4 - Radio Personality

Radio personalities work in shifts and they all use the same equipment, so it can get germy. It's the reason KPAM's Victoria Taft says she disinfects everything. "I work in a male dominated business and I have to say one thing about my kindred, my brothers in the biz, they don't wash their hands as much as I do."

#5 - Doctor

Dr. Rob Orman says he isn't surprised.  "It's a germy job,"he said.  "That's where everyone with a cold or the flu and any kind of germ you can imagine comes."  He says he has a cleaning ritual that he goes through before going home. "I wear a different set of clothes home, I change my shoes, and I have an iPhone that I change the case on," he said.