Office work for sex; ads prey on unemployed women

Office work for sex; ads prey on unemployed women »Play Video
A man calling himself Noah tells a decoy that he is married with children and will pay her for sex.

PORTLAND, Ore. - People looking for work online may find ads where the boss will pay for sex.

KATU News discovered the ads on Portland’s Craigslist that are aimed at women in need of work.
“I’m looking for a little bit of help at my office,” one of the ads said. “I’m looking for someone special who can help me with meeting my needs once a week or so.”

Lila Lee from the Council for Prostitution Alternatives in the Portland area said the ad could lure in more people now that jobs are so scarce.

“You bet. You think this guy doesn’t know that?” she said.

She noted that the ad called for “no pros”. In other words, no professional sex workers.

“He’s probably looking for a girl young enough and naïve enough to be confused by this … or to think, well, that would make it so it’s not prostitution,” Lee said.

KATU News answered the ad to show the public what these ads mean for job seekers and the community and met with the boss, who called himself Noah, at a coffee shop in Northeast Portland. He told a decoy he was married with children, and he wanted to pay her for sex.

Later, KATU News received an e-mail explaining the deal. He said he’d pay nine or ten dollars an hour for the office work and one hundred dollars an hour for the sex work on the floor of his office.

“Like a piece of property,” said Lee. “This is inherently disrespectful to a human being.”

Other e-mails included pictures of Noah on a motorcycle trip, an image of a man’s genitals behind a screen door, a demand for the decoy to answer questions about her private parts, and instructions that she could sleep with other men as long as she checked with him first and the man used protection.

The man set up the first work session at an office building in Southeast Portland where he said he runs an information technology business.

KATU News brought a video camera.

“Hi, we’re Channel 2 News and we’re doing stories about job ads on the Internet,” said reporter Kerry Tomlinson entering the office. “We wanted to ask you about your job ad on Craigslist.”

“Get out of here! I don’t know what you’re talking about. Get out of her now!” Noah said.

“Why are you paying women to have sex with you in your office?” Tomlinson asked.

“I’m not paying women to have sex with me. That’s my partner,” Noah said.

Noah did not produce any information about this person he claims ran the advertisement.

Later, KATU News received an e-mail from someone calling himself John and said he was Noah’s business partner.

He said Noah did show up at the coffee shop, but he said the sex was not Noah’s idea but John’s and the woman’s.

When John was asked for some kind of evidence that he was a real person and not just Noah on the Internet, he did not answer.

“I think it does terrible things to the community,” said Lee.

She said she believes these ads and these jobs are damaging to Portland and to the people who may apply. She said people who work in sex can end up with PTSD and depression.

She said she thinks the typical applicant would be a woman with low self-worth and who’s been abused at some point in her life.

“What he’s going to do is put one more nail in the coffin of her self-esteem. He’s going to help keep her expectations low,” Lee said. “Who are we if we tolerate a young woman being treated this way?”

Portland police said it is illegal to pay someone for sex even if it’s a person’s boss. But they said they do not have enough resources to fight local adult online prostitution.

They said there is a big problem with child prostitution in Portland and it takes a lot of resources and is a higher priority.

Police say if you need financial help reach out to someone else or a community group and not these kinds of online ads.