Knowing your neighbors: New networking site can help

Knowing your neighbors: New networking site can help »Play Video

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. – Peggy Freedel-Yee and her husband have lived in their house in Lake Oswego for 23 years.

Peggy is the secretary for the Lakewood Neighborhood Association and the coordinator for the women’s once-a-month potluck.

“We don’t have any family in Oregon and so knowing our neighbors, knowing that we can call on someone if we need anything, that means an awful lot,” said Peggy.

Peggy uses a new social networking site for neighborhoods called Nextdoor. It’s similar to Facebook, but just for you and the people you live near.

For Peggy and her group, it was just what they needed to bring their community even closer together.

“We were invited to be kind of a demo neighborhood or trial neighborhood for this website about a year ago.”

The site is free to use. Once to verify your address you can begin sharing with people in your neighborhood.

“People post all kids of great stuff, whether it’s ‘I lost my dog’ or ‘I found my dog,’” said Peggy.

“We’re a lot more close. We talk about our pets. We talk about our children. We talk about everything,” said neighbor Jennifer Kitch.