Speed-bump python's owner wants new home for giant snake

Speed-bump python's owner wants new home for giant snake »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- The owner of a python found in north Eugene came forward Thursday night and claimed the 10-foot snake, according to Lane County Animal Services.

The owner told LCAS he was giving the snake to someone else who could better care for the creature.

The snake's saga began Tuesday night, when 16-year-old Kyle Purdy -- a new driver with a learner's permit -- accidentally backed over the snake as he and his father Dwight tried to figure out what was in the road.

The Purdys tried to find the snake's owners to no avail, then summoned police to the scene. Officer Lori Barnes was the first on scene and took hold of the situation.

An emergency veterinarian gave the snake a clean bill of health despite the run-in with Purday's sedan. Police lodged the snake at LCAS, where senior animal control officer Bernie Perkins determined the snake was likely somebody's pet.

"If this is your snake," Perkins said, "please bring proof and re-claim it."