'Incoherent' driver takes aim at exotic car dealership

'Incoherent' driver takes aim at exotic car dealership

PORTLAND, Ore. - Police took a woman into custody early Thursday morning after she allegedly slammed her car into an exotic car dealership.

Investigators said the woman, identified as Francesca Lavezzo, 33, was found "incoherent" and momentarily resisted arrest when she and her car were located several blocks from the Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo dealership on Northeast 122nd Avenue in Portland.

The dealership specializes in the sale of high-end sports cars, including Ferraris, Maseratis and other high-performance - and expensive - automobiles.

Police said Lavezzo apparently drove her Honda sedan through a heavy chain blocking an entrance and proceeded to strike the building several times, shattering glass and damaging both entry ways and garage doors.

None of the vehicles inside the business were damaged, according to an initial assessment at the site by police.

Officers located Lavezzo a few blocks away at a gas station near Northeast 122nd and Northeast Halsey Street after reports that a car had hit a fence.

Police said Lavezzo struggle briefly with officers trying to take her into custody. Officers said they do not believe that alcohol was a factor in the crash but that other intoxicants may be involved.

Lavezzo was charged with one count of Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree, one count of Felony Elude, and one count of Hit and Run. 

Ron Tonkin employees arrived at the dealership early Thursday morning to assess the damage.