'Poop' stop sign: Clever prank or vandalism?

'Poop' stop sign: Clever prank or vandalism? »Play Video
One of the signs in Old Town where a prankster put a sticker over "stop" to spell out "poop."

PORTLAND, Ore. – At first glance, it looks like a normal stop sign. But take a second look at a few stop signs around town and you’ll see some prankster made a few alterations.

Several signs that previously read “stop” now say “poop.” Somebody put a “po” sticker over the “st” to make the change.

The vandal or vandals clearly spent some time matching the exact color of red background, size and font to make it look seamless.

We spotted some of the signs in Northeast Portland and others in Old Town.

Some people who noticed got a good laugh out of the signs, although many people we talked to didn’t even notice the signs had been altered when they drove by.

“I think it’s funny, I enjoy it,” one man said as he passed by an Old Town sign.

City employees have already removed some of the stickers from stop signs in the Laurelhurst neighborhood.

We put calls in to the city to find out just how many signs have been targeted, but we have not yet heard back. We also want to ask the city how much it costs to clean up the signs.

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