That's all folks... at least for this year

That's all folks... at least for this year
Photo by Shannon L. Cheesman, Producer/Reporter.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Now that summer is ending, we'd like to take a look back at a weekly series we hope you've enjoyed reading these past several months.

Since springtime, we've been taking the time each week to explore a Portland park and then share what we discover with our readers.

We showed you the 'Smallest Park in the World,' delved into the amusement park history of Council Crest Park and followed along as volunteers did work at Elk Rock Island. And those are a few of the highlights.

We've now ended the series for the year but wanted to give you one last look at what we covered along the way, in case you missed some of the stories.

Next year wer'e planning to continue our park series, but we'll be focusing on an area outside of Portland - perhaps Vancouver or Beaverton. We'll keep you posted once spring rolls around.

Alberta Park
Bike polo enthusiasts are making use of a decommissioned tennis court at Alberta Park and the city is even working with local players to allow them to make improvements to the court.

Arbor Lodge Park
This park is slated to become home to a kids' play area that is specially designed to give both children with and without disabilities the chance to play together. It's part of a grassroots effort launched by the parents of a 5-year-old with Emanuel Syndrome.
Cottonwood Bay Park
Tucked behind a posh hotel and restaurant is a tiny little natural area that many folks probably don't even know about - one that sits along a popular trail that borders a small bay along the Willamette River.
  Council Crest Park
High up in the West Hills of Portland is a quiet, peaceful park with breathtaking views and an incredible history.
Creston Park
The park has been around since 1920 and some of its amenities include an off-leash area for dogs, picnic areas, a playground and a popular pool where lots of kids have learned to swim over the years.
Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden
When the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming one of the most beautiful places in the city you can visit is the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden.
Director Park
Pioneer Courthouse Square may be 'Portland's livingroom' but a fairly new urban park just a couple of blocks away is coming into its own as a central-city gathering spot.
Duniway Park
There are two things that attract people to Duniway Park and one of them is its Lilac Garden. The second big draw at Duniway Park is its track, which has a surface made from recycled rubber that includes over 20,000 pounds of athletic shoe soles donated by Nike.
Elk Rock Island
The history of Elk Rock Island is as unique as the island itself.
Forest Park
Only one park in the entire United States holds the honor of being the largest forested natural area within city limits and it's right here in Portland.
International Rose Test Garden
There's a famous saying that says you should always make time in your life to stop and smell the roses and there's no better place to do that than up in the West Hills.
Johnson Creek Park
This is a park that likely doesn't get a lot of notice, except from those who live in the neighborhood.
Midland Park
Jane Baker, a local community activist, was instrumental in the creation of Midland Park. She has since passed away but those who knew her will never forget her love of nature.
Mill Ends Park
The park has earned notoriety as the 'World's Smallest Park' (it was actually recognized as such in the Guinness Book of Records in 1971).
Northgate Park
The park has been around since 1940 and in addition to its sports fields, it features a playground with new equipment that just went in last year, a tennis court and a water feature.
Overlook Park
Every so often a story comes along that reminds us that one person really can make a difference.
  Parklane Park
At just 15 months, little Isaac isn't old enough to understand the impact of future plans for his neighborhood park but for those who are working hard to make a positive change in their community, he's their inspiration.
  Rose City Park
The park, nestled in one of Portland’s most coveted neighborhoods, has a bit of a secret – maybe two secrets.
Sacajawea Park
Every park has a story attached to it and this one takes us back to the early 1800s when Lewis and Clark blazed a trail to the Pacific Coast.
Tanner Springs Park
Sometimes when you live in the city it's nice to slow down the pace, remove yourself from the hustle and bustle and take a moment to find a bit of tranquility.
Unthank Park
A popular inner-city park with a rich history was rededicated to honor its namesake, a man who stood for civil liberties at a time when Portland's racial tensions were high.