What's with all the giant boulders?

What's with all the giant boulders? »Play Video

OREGON COAST - Massive boulders are on their way to the coast to fix the deteriorating north jetty in Tillamook Bay.

The rocks, which weigh between 25 and 50 tons each, were brought down from a quarry in Mount Vernon, Washington and another one near Rainier. About half of the 1,100 boulders that will be used for the project have already arrived at Barview County Park.

When the project is complete, the north jetty will extend another 100 feet. The actual construction phase is planned for later this year.

Meanwhile, the trips to transport the boulders will continue through the end of the month and then more deliveries will pick up again starting in April.

The price tag for the project is $13 million, which is coming from the economic stimulus plan.

The manager with the Port of Garibaldi says the south jetty will likely get some work as well.