Lost hunter found by log truck driver after cold night in woods

Lost hunter found by log truck driver after cold night in woods

NEAR VERNONIA, Ore. - A hunter who got separated from a group Tuesday evening was found by a log truck driver in good condition Wednesday morning.

KATU News reporter Lincoln Graves said Pedro Santacruz-Herrera, 45, was spotted by a log truck driver and transported to the North Plains area. It did not appear that the man was injured.

Temperatures overnight in the area were in the low 40s but stayed above freezing. It's not immediately known what kind of clothes or gear Santacruz-Herrera had with him.

After he was found, he explained that he walked to a clearing and stayed there for hours, thinking a helicopter might fly overhead and see him.

Santacruz-Herrera is the second hunter this week that has spent an unplanned night in the wilderness only to be found the next day by a log truck driver. Another man was located near Hagg Lake on Monday.

This latest missing hunter case began when Washington County received a call about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday that four hunters were lost in the woods in the vicinity of Vernonia after their truck got stuck and they could not free it. By 11 p.m., three of the four men were located but Santacruz-Herrera, from Portland, was still missing.

Crews searched for him overnight and into the morning before the log truck driver spotted him.

Santacruz-Herrera said through a translator he was thankful for everyone who tried to find him.

"I appreciate all the help and what's going on here right now," he said.