Sheriff: Human remains found near Rainbow Gathering site

Sheriff: Human remains found near Rainbow Gathering site

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Human remains have been found in the area where the Rainbow Family gathered this past summer in Washington and where a woman went missing after the event.

A search for Marie Hanson, 54, has been underway since the counter-culture gathering took place over the July 4th weekend. Following the event, Hanson failed to return home and her belongings were found in her tent.

Days before the gathering took place, Hanson reportedly landed an open spot in a neighbor’s car filled with like-minded campers and headed for the event. Friends of Hanson said they last saw her on July 7. Her family reported her as missing on July 9.

In a press release, the Skamania County Sheriff''s Office said the identity of the remains has not been determined. The release also said some jewelry was found with the remains, described as being "skeletal."

The sheriff's office said Hanson's family has been updated with the latest developments but that no identification has yet been made.

The Rainbow Family gathering is an annual event that typically takes place on Federal forest land during the July 4th holiday and attracts thousands of participants who camp out for a week.

Estimates of the size of the crowd at the site of the Washington gathering this year placed attendance at about 20,000 people.

The Skamania County Sheriff''s Office said an investigation at the scene of the discovery is still ongoing.