City puts a stop to workers brunching on the job

City puts a stop to workers brunching on the job »Play Video
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PORTLAND, Ore. - Government waste is one of the most common criticisms that taxpayers have and you might be dismayed to learn that some city workers have reportedly been enjoying long brunches on your dime.

In Portland, one electrical inspector has been fired and several others suspended for reportedly spending a lot of time at a local restaurant, Guild's Lake Inn off Highway 30 in Northwest Portland.

Our news partners at Willamette Week broke the story. The paper reports that instead of examining the wiring on commercial construction projects on different sides of town, the group would meet up at the restaurant as often as three times a week in what had been a tradition for years.

The city said its investigation started with a complaint in November about city employees taking long breaks at Guild's Lake Inn of Highway 30 in Northwest Portland. City officials have not confirmed the firing and suspensions but did say they took corrective action.

"In this particular matter, the bureau did exactly what it was supposed to - it conducted a prompt investigation into allegations of misuse and is taking appropriate steps to remedy this situation," Mayor Charlie Hales said in a news release.

The city has already placed tracking devices in some of its employee vehicles in that department and may do so with the entire fleet.