Israeli, Palestinian groups place ads on TriMet trains, buses

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - Tensions in the Middle East are being played out on Portland's mass transit system.  

A pro-Palestinian group recently paid for an ad on buses and trains about the plight of Palestinian refugees.  

A pro-Israeli group has responded with ads describing opponents of Israel as "savage" and carrying the words: "Defeat Jihad."  

The new ads (see both below) started running Tuesday. They were purchased by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, a group run by blogger Pamela Geller.  

Portland's mass transit system is the fourth to become a forum for the conflict, following New York, San Francisco and Washington.  

Geller says the ads will be placed "anywhere" the anti-Israel ads run.  

TriMet marketing director Drew Blevins says court rulings require the agency to accept all ads regardless of content.

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