Meet Steve Novick, your new city councilor

Meet Steve Novick, your new city councilor
Photo courtesy Cathy Cheney, Portland Business Journal.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Steve Novick is well known as a liberal crusader and a Portland character, a four-foot-nine tower of power who has shepherded controversial tax measures to victory and won landmark environmental cases in court.

His record as an elected official is a book that is just now being written.

A day in the life: Get to know Mr. Novick

Novick is taking office as an elected official for the first time at the age of 50. He moves into his new role as a city commissioner at a time of profound change, with health care, criminal justice and education all clamoring for reform. He has plenty of ideas on all of those topics. The challenge is keeping up with him as he reels through his ideas.

No one doubts that Novick has the brains for the job. This is a guy who earned his law degree from Harvard at the age of 21.

Does he have the patience?

Does he have the focus?

What will he accomplish?

My story in tomorrow's print edition of the Business Journal will address those questions and others. In the meantime, click through the slide show above, shot by PBJ photographer Cathy Cheney with a bonus big-hair photo submitted by Novick.