Mortgage company can't find Oregon's Tea Party chair

Mortgage company can't find Oregon's Tea Party chair »Play Video
Oregon's Tea Party founder and chairman, John Kuzmanich, appears on KATU's "Your Voice, Your Vote" on Sunday, Oct. 6.

PORTLAND, Ore. – The head of Oregon's Tea Party's been outspoken about money problems in the nation's capital, but it turns out John Kuzmanich also has money problems of his own.

He's three years behind on his mortgage payments.

Kuzmanich still owes hundreds of thousands of dollars on his Beaverton duplex. And it's not worth what he paid for it.

Despite Kuzmanich's string of high-profile appearances, including a recent one on KATU's political show, his mortgage company can't seem to track him down.

But Oregon's Tea Party founder and chairman has hardly been low profile. He ran for Congress in 2010, and he also appeared on KATU's "Your Voice, Your Vote" Sunday, Oct. 6 on the nation's budget impasse.

"We're just good and decent, principled Americans that believe in the Constitution, a fiscally responsible government, individual and economic liberty and want to be free and left alone," he told KATU's Steve Dunn.

But Kuzmanich's mortgage company, Fannie Mae, has filed court papers showing Kuzmanich hasn't paid his mortgage on his duplex in three years.

Fannie Mae also hasn't been able to find Kuzmanich to serve him with legal papers.

His BMW was outside the duplex Thursday night. There was a light on inside and a dog barking, but no one answered the door when a reporter knocked on it.

Fannie Mae has also tried to find Kuzmanich at a property in Cannon Beach and in Portland but with no luck.

On KATU's political show, he said the following about the government shutdown and fiscal responsibility.

"This seems dysfunctional and silly, and it's harmful, and I don't think it's right," he said.

KATU called two phone numbers it has that Kuzmanich answered two weeks ago before the "Your Voice, Your Vote" program and left him messages.

He didn't call back Thursday night.

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