Oregon House passes bill banning 'horse tripping'

Oregon House passes bill banning 'horse tripping'
Advocates working to ban "horse tripping" in Oregon provided this image from an event in Harney County. (Photo courtesy horsetripping.org)

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon House passed a bill that would make it illegal to rope a horse's legs for sport or entertainment.

The House approved the ban 57-1 on Tuesday. It goes to the Senate, which approved an earlier version but must agree to changes made in the House.

Horse roping is the practice of lassoing a horse's feet and forcing it to fall.

An original draft of the bill upset rodeo fans concerned that a ban on horse roping could lead to bans on calf or steer roping, which are popular rodeo events. The latest draft affirms a "right to rodeo" in Oregon.

Animal rights' activists call the practice "horse tripping" and say it is cruel.

The Jordan Valley Big Loop Rodeo is the only Oregon rodeo known to run the event.