Political produce threats continue in Vancouver

Political produce threats continue in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Some residents say the threatening letters and the barrage of tomatoes at their homes have been happening for a week just because they have campaign signs supporting President Barack Obama's re-election on their property.

The neighbors in the Carter Park neighborhood who didn't get the tomatoes got a letter threatening they'd get them if they put up a pro-Obama sign.

Rebecca Alston found plenty of pretty fresh tomatoes in her front yard Wednesday morning.

"There were about five or six. They were scattered everywhere," she said.

Other residents like Gary Bickford got one of the letters placed on his porch written by a group called the "Welcome Wagon." That group took credit for throwing tomatoes on roofs of homes with Obama signs in the front yard.

"It's pretty cowardly to have a letter put out without a name," he said.

"I got hit because if you read the letter it says anybody with an Obama sign will be targeted," Alston said.

But Alston said they picked on the wrong person.

"I wasn't scared. I was just more irritated and mad. Like how dare they," she said. "It's my right to put whatever I want out here."

Post tomato tossing, she put up two more pro-Obama signs – one in each window – as a big "No thank you" to the Welcome Wagon – whoever they are.

Neighbors gave police the letter Wednesday.

Just two weeks ago, KATU reported on another neighborhood in Clark County seeing the same problem.