Portland declines interest in 2016 Democratic National Convention

PORTLAND, Ore. -- No one has stepped into the ring for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, but that hasn't stopped the speculation surrounding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or Vice President Joe Biden.

But whether the Democrats decide to nominate Clinton, Biden or a currently unknown contender who throws his or her hat in the ring, we know one thing: that nomination will not happen in Portland. The city told the Democratic National Committee it's not interested in hosting the 2016 convention.

"It would have required an insane amount of construction, including about 17,000 hotel rooms, which we just don't have," said Dana Haynes, spokesman for Mayor Charlie Hales. "The media needs alone would have been astronomical."

Haynes noted that Portland is also hosting a World Track and Field Championships event in 2016, and that also contributed to the city's decision to pass.