The Fluoride Debate: Full coverage & ballot drop-off sites

The Fluoride Debate: Full coverage & ballot drop-off sites
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There's no watering it down. The proposal to add fluoride to Portland's drinking water has sparked passionate debate and divided many Portlanders.

Each side presents mountains of data to support their positions. One side wants to keep the water free of fluoridation chemicals, and the other argues adding fluoride to the water will improve the dental health of children.

KATU News and have covered the debate, the science and the claims of each side.

Presented here are the major, recent stories and polls about the fluoridation debate. You can even take a short tour of the Geren Island Water Treatment Facility in Stayton. The city of Salem fluoridates its water with the same chemical Portland will use if voters there approve the plan.

Portlanders will decide whether to add fluoride to their water this Tuesday, May 21. To ensure voted ballots reach county election officials on time they now must be delivered to a ballot drop-off location by 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Ballot drop-off locations:


Before you vote: Fluoride and kids' teeth - what does the data show?

The KATU Problem Solvers revealed ground-breaking new data that may change the way you vote on Portland's fluoridation measure. It's data that the state wasn't eager for you to see.


Debating fluoride: Can it hurt you?

Right now, Portland is the largest non-fluoridated metro area in the country and voters will be deciding whether to allow the city to start adding fluoride to their water.



Debating fluoride: The environmental impact

Portlanders are voting on whether to add fluoride to their water system. But will it damage the environment, specifically our rivers and fish?



Fluoride debate: Study looked at fluoride vs. non-fluoride in Portland area

Is fluoridation working right now?  To help answer that question, KATU Problem Solver Shellie Bailey-Shah dug up a little-known study that evaluates this question right here in the Portland metro area.


Do you know what's already in Portland's water?

It's a beautiful location that represents natural purity. The city doesn't filter the water it sends into homes. But as soon as the water leaves the lower dam of Bull Run, the first of three chemicals is added before gravity pulls the water toward the city.


Other cities at the mercy of Portland fluoride vote

If voters approve it, about 900,000 people would get fluoride in their drinking water. But nearly a third of those people don’t get to vote.



Salem uses fluoridation chemical that Portland's hotly debating

As a heated battle rages in Portland over whether it should add fluoride to its water for the first time, the city of Salem has fluoridated its water since 1964.



Tour a water treatment plant that adds fluoride to the water:

Go inside the Geren Island Treatment Facility in Stayton, Ore. and see how water treatment operators fluoridate Salem's water. The video is narrated by KATU Web Producer Steve Benham.

KATU News/SurveyUSA polls:

Latest poll shows fluoride measure failing - May 16

The poll, which was conducted by Survey USA and released just five days before the election, shows that 53 percent of likely voters are against fluoridating the water.




Fluoride poll: Measure faces uphill battle - May 10

Of the 800 Portlanders polled by Survey USA – including nearly 600 likely voters -- 48 percent say they plan to vote against fluoride.