Proposed Vancouver fireworks ban is a dud

Proposed Vancouver fireworks ban is a dud »Play Video

VANCOUVER, Wash. - In a late night decision, the Vancouver City Council abandoned plans to ban aerial fireworks.

The Columbian newspaper reports that more than 30 people lined up to give testimony Monday night. Most people were against the ban. “I think safe and sane is pretty much out the door at this point,” Councilor Bart Hansen told the Columbian.
The ban would have brought Vancouver into line with the fireworks allowed in the state of Oregon.

Mortars, roman candles or anything that goes more than a foot up into the air and more than fifteen feet across the ground would not have been allowed.

City councilors said there may be some kind of regulation in the future, but nothing is expected to change before July 2014 following the 6 to 1 vote against the ban.

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