Exclusive: Sit-down interview with Jefferson Smith on 1993 scuffle

Exclusive: Sit-down interview with Jefferson Smith on 1993 scuffle

PORTLAND, Ore. - Newly released documents Tuesday reveal the terms of an agreement Portland mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith reached over the scuffle he got into with a woman in college.

It's called a diversion agreement, and it's made between Smith and a city prosecutor in Eugene.

It lays out seven conditions. Smith agrees his actions were wrongful and promises not to have contact with the woman. He pays for court fees, and her medical expenses – their encounter in 1993 left her needing stitches on her head.

Smith also promises to do 20 hours of community service, and the woman promises to not sue him over the skirmish.

As a result, the misdemeanor assault charge was dropped. On Your Side Investigator Anna Canzano sat down with Smith with his wife, Katy, by his side Tuesday night at KATU’s studios for an exclusive interview.

They seemed very concerned his campaign will be overshadowed by all these stories about his behavior and the pattern of behavior that’s been depicted.

Both say they'd rather have Smith talking about how he wants to better the city. But for now, he's answering questions about that night and how it fits into what else we've learned about him.

The full 25-minute interview is posted below. For a shorter version of the interview that aired Tuesday night at 11, please click on the above "Play Video" button.

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