Be the Match Monty's Story Sponsored: Monty's Story (Video)
KATU is partnering with Be The Match to help fight for people who need bone marrow transplants. But sometimes an umbilical cord can be just as effective as marrow. One helped save the life of a little lion cub in our area. KATU’s Ian Parker explains.
Be the Match Luann's Story Sponsored: Luann's Story (Video)
In the fight against cancer there are some people who are willing to do *anything* to make an impact.

KATU's Ian Parker found a woman who faced down her own demons, just for the chance to save a life.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, you could write a novel with what's on this DVD.
Be the Match Marrow Transplant Story: Dalton Sponsored: Marrow Transplant Story: Dalton
The first signs of Dalton Reno’s life-threatening disease surfaced when he was just 8 weeks old. He developed eczema, which refused to go away despite different treatments. Dalton — who lives with his family in Salem, Oregon — soon began battling a series of bacterial infections.
Be the Match Marrow Donor Story: David Sponsored: Marrow Donor Story: David
“If he can do it, so can I,” thought David, after watching an inspiring ESPN documentary about an athlete who gave live-saving marrow to a patient in need. David was a student at Oregon State University at the time.
Be the Match Marrow Transplant Story: Victoria Sponsored: Marrow Transplant Story: Victoria
Since the day she was born in a Portland, Oregon hospital, Victoria Murry has been fighting for her life. Born face-up, she entered the world incredibly bruised and jaundiced. A blood test showed something was wrong.