Learn how to grow it, find it, prepare it and enjoy it!

Celebrate Oregon Agriculture brings you tips for enjoying Oregon agriculture with your family. Over 37,000 family farms in Oregon grow over 220 amazing products. We’re lucky to live in Oregon, where world-class soils and our mild climate grow the world’s greatest food.

Celebrate Oregon Agriculture Summer Love at 0° Sponsored: Summer Love at 0°
There’s no better time than summer to celebrate the joys of Oregon berries. You can turn foraging for berries into a memorable summertime family adventure at one of the many U-pick fruit stands across the state, or stock up on Oregon berries from your local grocery store or farmers market.
Celebrate Oregon Agriculture School Gardens Help Oregonians Prosper Sponsored: School Gardens Help Oregonians Prosper (Video)
Oregon is rich in agriculture. It shapes our landscape, our economy and who we are as a people. And it just makes sense that nearly half the schools in Oregon have a school garden, where students are learning the fundamentals of food production, along with the essential skills they need for a lifetime of healthy eating.