One Thing You Must Do This Winter

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(Image Courtesy: Shawn Paris)

Visit a winter farmers market. That’s right, winter is still farmers market season in Oregon. Oregon agriculture keeps producing even when the warm days of summer are gone and many farmers markets in Oregon run year round. If you haven’t found your market, don’t delay. Those farmers, fishers and ranchers are eager to see you.

What can you find at a winter farmers market? Fresh winter greens like chard, mizuna, and collards. Lots of root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, turnips, celeriac, and horseradish. Stored fruits like pears, apples and kiwi. You will also find winter squashes, nuts, cheeses, and mushrooms. And to go with all your delicious produce, many markets also have frozen Dungeness crab and seafood, lamb, beef and pork.
Still need encouragement to get out the door? Here are eight reasons to check out a winter farmers market this month.
1.     Winter is the best time to try certain vegetables like kale that get sweeter after a frost.
2.     Farmers markets are for everyone. You can use your SNAP/ Oregon Trail card at farmers markets around the state.
3.     Your kids will think they had the best time ever, even if it’s cold and raining.
4.     Eating local helps you eat healthy on a budget.
5.     Learn first hand where your food comes and how it is produced from the farmers and artisans who made it.
6.     You wont find tomatoes at a winter farmers market, but you will find something tasty and gain an appreciation for the cycle of the seasons.
7.     The novelty will make grocery shopping fun and less like something to check off your to-do list.
8.     Markets are an important way to connect with your neighbors and help your community thrive.
You can visit your regular market, or bundle up and make a fun family activity and visit a new market outside your neighborhood. Nourish your family and help our farmers prosper by looking for Oregon grown fruits and vegetables at your winter farmers market!