School Gardens Help Oregonians Prosper

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Oregon is rich in agriculture. It shapes our landscape, our economy and who we are as a people. And it just makes sense that nearly half the schools in Oregon have a school garden, where students are learning the fundamentals of food production, along with the essential skills they need for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Gardens are where kids interact with nature; learn about where food comes from and often for the first time discover how totally cool worms are. And gardens help make learning easier! In over 500 school gardens in Oregon, educators are bringing to life core math, writing and science standards through hands-on, engaging experiences.
The magic of school gardening is that it engages youth and adults in a real, authentic process as they plan, plant, tend and taste the fruits of their labor together. It takes time and requires patience. The result is true community where kids and adults bond, cooperate, and develop together.
Have fun and get growing with your family. Check out if your kids’ school has a school garden, or plant something on your windowsill or patio. The whole point is that kids thrive when their hands get dirty in the garden, and cook with local produce along side you in the kitchen. It’s what helps our farmers prosper and it’s the best investment in your kids’ health.
Check out the Oregon Department of Education website to find out if your school has a school garden and who to contact to get one started.