Celebrate Oregon Grown Processed Fruits and Vegetables

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Oregon’s climate and soils produce the right combination of growing conditions that allow Oregon farmers to produce some of the deepest colored, sweetest fruits and vegetables available. Studies show that diets rich in a variety of colored fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of some chronic diseases and cancers. For optimum health, kids need to eat about four cups of fruits and vegetables each day. Lucky for us, Oregon farmers grow hundreds of varieties of fruits and veggies. Here are fun facts about Oregon’s bounty:

Did you know?
1.     Pears are Oregon’s State Fruit and the number one tree fruit crop. There are more than 10 varieties of pears grown here, each with its own color, flavor and texture.
2.     Blueberry plants are native to North America.
3.     Most vegetables grow from seeds. Potatoes are an exception. What do they grow from? Eyes!
4.     Pop quiz! How many pounds of broccoli does the average American eat each year? Answer: Four.
5.     Cherries are ripened on the tree, and usually harvested, packed and at your local grocery store within 2 days.
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You can make your own paint using berries!
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Visit OregonFresh.net to learn more about the seasonal availability of Oregon fruits and vegetables.