Celebrate Oregon Agriculture Summer Love at 0° Sponsored: Summer Love at 0°
There’s no better time than summer to celebrate the joys of Oregon berries. You can turn foraging for berries into a memorable summertime family adventure at one of the many U-pick fruit stands across the state, or stock up on Oregon berries from your local grocery store or farmers market.
Celebrate Oregon Agriculture Oregon Asparagus is Here! Sponsored: Oregon Asparagus is Here!
Along with the migratory arrival of Turkey Vultures, asparagus is one of those sure signs of springtime in Oregon. Asparagus is a perennial vegetable that is harvested mid-April through early June when Oregon’s warm spring days are followed by cooler nights.
Celebrate Oregon Agriculture Celebrate Oregon Seafood Sponsored: Celebrate Oregon Seafood (Video)
The USDA’s new guidelines suggest people eat fish twice a week. We’re lucky to live in Oregon where we can eat local seafood year round. Oregon seafood is caught from Astoria in the north, to Brookings in the south and it provides an economic backbone to many coastal communities.