Celebrate Oregon Agriculture Celebrate Oregon Meat Sponsored:Celebrate Oregon Meat(Video)
Oregon farmers and ranchers raise a wide selection of meats, including pork, chicken, beef, lamb, poultry, goat, buffalo, rabbit and venison. Meat raised in Oregon is nutritionally rich and part of a balanced diet.
Celebrate Oregon Agriculture Celebrate Oregon Seafood Sponsored:Celebrate Oregon Seafood(Video)
The USDA’s new guidelines suggest people eat fish twice a week. We’re lucky to live in Oregon where we can eat local seafood year round. Oregon seafood is caught from Astoria in the north, to Brookings in the south and it provides an economic backbone to many coastal communities.
Celebrate Oregon Agriculture Your Favorite Fruit Year-Round Sponsored:Your Favorite Fruit Year-Round(Video)
Just because your kids are dressed in parkas and gloves, instead of shorts and t-shirts, doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite Oregon fruit. Smoothies made with canned and frozen fruit are a great way to get your nutrients and support Oregon farmers year round.