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With more than 35,000 family farms growing more than 220 crops its no wonder Oregonians eat more vegetables than folks in nearly every other state. You can get Oregon fruits and vegetables direct from the farm, grocer stores, restaurants and schools, and they are coming to a neighborhood near you via mobile markets.
In this AM Northwest segment, Amelia Pape takes us on a tour of Molly the Trolly, a mobile grocery store and describes how food is more than nourishment. “Food is community, communication when people don’t speak the same language, to celebrate milestones, and to show gratitude,” explains Amelia.
Now that Oregon-grown fruits and vegetables are readily available, make them a part of your daily diet. It’s the best way to optimize your health and your families health, and ensure your kids have a happy, healthy life. 
Follow Molly the Trolly’s schedule here and experience food as community. For more great tips on how to prepare delicious meals on any budget with Oregon produce, visit OSU’s Food Hero.