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Fireside Home Solutions Why Service Your Fireplace in Summer? Sponsored:Why Service Your Fireplace in Summer?
It’s a common debacle with household “to-do” lists; you know you need to take care of something, but you only think about it when you’re utilizing the thing you need to take care of. A good example of this is the annual servicing of your fireplace.
Fireside Home Solutions What's Your Garage Door Worth? Sponsored:What's Your Garage Door Worth?
If you have a garage door, there’s a chance you take it for granted. Sure, it lets you in to your home and gives you a place to store your car, but a well-maintained garage door can play a significant role in the privacy and protection of your home.
Fireside Home Solutions Make Your Next Meal on Your Fireplace Sponsored:Make Your Next Meal on Your Fireplace
If you have an outdoor fireplace, there’s a good chance you’ve roasted a marshmallow or two over it. There’s something extremely satisfying about perfectly cooking (or burning) those little puffs of sugar with nothing but a stick and the flames in front of you.
Fireside Home Solutions Taking Care of Your Wooden Garage Door Sponsored:Taking Care of Your Wooden Garage Door
Older homes are fairly common in the northwest, and so are the wooden garage doors that usually accompany them. In addition to lending a certain charm to your home’s overall appearance, wooden garage doors are usually very well made and built to last.
Fireside Home Solutions Outdoor Fireplace Inspiration Sponsored:Outdoor Fireplace Inspiration
People who live in the northwest know that a warm summer day doesn’t equal a warm summer night. Sweaters and fires are a must when enjoying the great outdoors after the sun goes down. A trend that’s been gaining in popularity with homeowners is outdoor fireplaces.
Fireside Home Solutions Three Ways to Spring Clean Your Garage Sponsored:Three Ways to Spring Clean Your Garage
The sun is showing itself more often and the days are getting longer; spring is officially here. The warmer temperatures of the season often encourage homeowners to tackle home improvement projects, and a lot of times the bulk of the work takes place in the garage.