Easy Updates for Your Fireplace

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In the winter months, there’s nothing better than spending time cuddled up by the fire, gazing in to the flames. But if you have an older home, your fireplace may be not have the aesthetic appeal you’d like. Older fireplaces can be disproportionate to the rest of the room or simply be terribly outdated, bringing down the design of the entire space. Luckily, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new fireplace to freshen up your home. A couple of minor changes can give your fireplace an updated look, and improve the overall ambience of your favorite room in the house.

Upgrade your mantel.
Take a look at the room where your fireplace is located. Should your mantel be bigger? Smaller? Wider? Can the material be updated? An existing brick or cinder block mantel can be hidden under new marble tile, granite and used brick.   When it comes to size, materials like stone can help increase the mass of the mantel and techniques like sheet rocking can help reduce the mass and blend the mantel in to the room. 
            You can also change the proportions of the fireplace. A narrow fireplace can appear wider by using pilasters and a skirt on the mantel. Or, you can give height to a low fireplace by installing the mantel higher and using a deep skirt to cover the excess space. If you’re looking for more storage above your fireplace, a mantle shelf can be put in place to expand on the existing surface space.
Change your surround.
An often-overlooked element of a fireplace is the surround. Years of built up soot and ash can create an eyesore where you should have a centerpiece. Update your surround with paint (be sure to get high-heat enamel) or tiles. You can also give your current surround an upgrade with higher-end materials like slate, granite and marble. The professionals at Fireside Home Solutions can help you choose a surround design that will blend with the room and work with your current fireplace.
A few small changes or upgrades can take your dingy old fireplace to the next level and put you one step closer to the living room of your dreams.