Is it Time to Give Your Garage Door a Facelift?

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If you're looking to up the value of your home, there are many remodeling projects specifically for improving a home's aesthetics. A home that is in disrepair, in need of exterior painting, replacement windows or needs a new garage door will certainly not appear to be as valuable as one which is in good condition. A home’s curb appeal is the first impression that a guest (or potential buyer) will have of the residence and the garage door plays a major role. 

When to Replace a Garage Door
There are times when a garage door simply needs a fresh coat of paint to liven its appearance. But when a garage door shows signs of rusting, is scratched up beyond repair and it is several years old, it likely needs replacing. Older wooden doors can become warped, worn out or cracked and it is certainly worth the expense of a replacement in these cases. Wind and weather can be brutal on an exposed garage door so much that the panels can become stressed or damaged. Spring mechanisms, door openers and tracks can become so stressed or damaged that the door itself can pose a serious safety risk. In these cases it is always best to replace rather than repair a garage door.
More than Aesthetic Appeal
No one would argue that it is just nice to drive into the driveway of your home and see an aesthetically appealing garage door. Even if there are no plans of selling the home one of the most noticeable architectural features of the Orange County home is the garage door. Larger garage doors such as those for garages that hold more than one vehicle are a dominant feature. There is no doubt that replacing a garage door can completely change the aesthetics of a home. Other than exterior painting, nothing else has this large of an impact on the curb appeal. Especially if the garage door is front facing replacing it with a new upscale model can also increase the resell value of the home. 
Benefits of Garage Door Replacements
For those who have not shopped for garage doors recently they have a pleasant surprise coming. Newer models are much stronger and better insulated than earlier types of garage doors. Many have much improved safety features as well. The selection of colors and styles has grown over the years and the possibilities are nearly endless. Garage doors can be made from different materials including fiberglass, wood, molded plastic or steel. Each of these materials has its own advantages in terms of durability and maintenance.
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