The Glass Door Appeal - For Your Fireplace

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There’s nothing like a fireplace to keep you warm and cozy through the chilly days of autumn and winter. For many people, the fireplace becomes a social center of their home on cold days, where family gatherings and even a little romance can take place. Because of this, the fireplace has become a design focal point for many homes and a fireplace glass door can help boost its esthetic appeal, as well as its efficiency and safety.

Fireplace doors greatly reduce the chances of stray logs falling out of the fireplace and damaging your flooring or carpet. Glass doors also keep sparks contained, lessening the threat of cinders landing on clothing or furniture, and doing considerable damage to the items surrounding the fireplace. If you have small children or pets, a door can help keep them a safe distance away from the open flames. However, a glass door can get incredibly hot, so be sure to keep hands clear.
A door can also protect your home from smoke. Downdrafts, or a sudden rush of air coming down the chimney, are fairly common. If your fireplace is lit and a downdraft occurs, smoke and ash can come flying in to your home. Glass fireplace doors are sealed and will keep the smoke contained within the fireplace if a downdraft occurs.
One of the biggest benefits to using a fireplace door is increased efficiency. Chimneys lead to the outside and act as an air vent. When you light a fire, a large portion of the heat generated can escape through the chimney. A glass door will stop warm air from moving up the chimney and keep it in your home. As an added bonus, during the summer months a glass door can keep warm outside air from entering your home and keep cold air-conditioned air from leaking out the chimney.
Finally, a fireplace glass door can add visual appeal to a dull structure. There are nearly limitless options to the style, color and shape of fireplace glass doors. Before deciding on a new door, you should figure out if your fireplace is factory built or masonry. You should also measure your fireplace to ensure your door fits perfectly. And, keep your personal style in mind. You want your fireplace to be a focal point of the room, something you will enjoy looking at for many winters to come.
If you have questions about fireplace glass doors, or are interested in the different options available, the experts at Fireside Home Solutions can help. Stop by their showroom to see the many options available or schedule a free in-home consultation.