Zone Heating for Maximum Home Comfort

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Cold winter days and nights can put a spike in your heating bill.  When unoccupied parts of the house are heated at the same rate as the rest of the building it can cause an unneeded strain on monthly heating bills. Zone heating allows control of not only comfort, but expensive bills as well. A properly designed zoning system can save up to hundreds of dollars per year.
Different areas of a house have different temperature needs. It’s not hard to believe that the thermostat temperature is only ever really accurate for the room the thermostat is located. Just because it is hot in one room doesn’t mean that holds true for the rest of the house. Heat rises, leaving upper levels warmer than lower ones. Some of the most popular design features today also encourage temperature differences -- high cathedral ceilings, expansive windows, and large open-plan spaces can lead to significant differences in temperature in different parts of the house. 
Zone heating places a different thermostat in different parts of the house. Homeowners might want to consider zoning their heating system if their home has the following features:
  • It contains more than one level
  • There are large, open areas such as vaulted ceilings or lofts, an atrium or a solarium
  • There is a bonus room off the back or over the garage
  • There are finished rooms in the basement or attic
  • It has a room or rooms with expansive glass areas
  • Family lifestyles dictate different temperatures in different areas of the home
  • Heating and cooling temperature patterns vary at different times of the day
  • A portion of the home is built over a concrete slab floor
  • The home rambles in many directions like a ranch or has wings extending off the main living area
Initial zoning of a home can be expensive, so careful consideration is needed to know whether or not it is best to install in your home. If you want to know more about zone heating or want advice on what type of heating system is best for your home and lifestyle, contact Fireside Home Solutions for a personal consultation.