Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

This is a weekly event, running on Sunday, Saturday from August 3, 2013 through August 18, 2013. Website
Take a step back in time, and join the festive villagers of Merriwick as they welcome Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth to their humble shire! Find your inner knight, pirate, gypsy or wench as you explore the Faire’s many enchanting diversions. Free parking, full contact Tournaments and Jousting, Gypsy Acrobatic Equestrian performances, many stages and an entire day of magic awaits you at The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire!

Learn the skills of the Renaissance at the Seven Meadows archery range, or try your hand at boffer swords and axes near the Young Knight’s Sword Domain. If you’re thirsty for libation, never fear! We have an eclectic, extensive collection of microbrews, ciders, meads and specialty concoctions! Join pirates and mercenaries at the pub for a songfest, or simply watch any of our stages for continual performances by gypsies, actors, fools and historical heroes. Proclaim your allegiance to a knight, eat and drink like royalty, and shop with the treasures of the New World laid before you. We look forward to raising a toast to you at the Faire! Visit www.washingtonfaire.com for ticketing and information.
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