Lyles tells radio host, Oregon shouldn't use him as scapegoat

Lyles tells radio host, Oregon shouldn't use him as scapegoat »Play Video
Will Lyles.

PORTLAND, Ore. - The man at the center of a University of Oregon recruiting scandal hasn't shied away from telling his story.

Will Lyles, owner of a Texas-based scouting service, appeared as a guest on John Canzano's radio show, The Bald Faced Truth, on 750 AM The Game Tuesday afternoon. He said that Oregon coaches never told him to steer players to the University of Oregon. But he said he realizes now that he might have crossed certain lines that would have been NCAA violations.

Last week, Lyles told Yahoo! Sports that Oregon coach Chip Kelly personally approved a $25,000 payment to him.

The payment has been questioned because if Lyles was paid to steer recruits to the University of Oregon, it would have been a violation of NCAA rules.

Lyles told Canzano his motivation for talking is he realizes that his close relationships with Duck recruits like Seastrunk and James might have led to the Ducks breaking NCAA rules, but he said he doesn’t think the university should use him as a scapegoat.

"I felt that I was made to look incompetent – that I was made to look like, OK, this guy didn't provide us with the service that he said he was going to provide us with. So it's not our fault. It's not our issue," he said. "So, I felt that it was used to make me look bad."

Lyles added that he doesn't want people thinking he's a sleazeball. While he admitted he might have made mistakes, he said he doesn't feel he did anything immoral.
The University of Oregon maintains that it did nothing wrong.