Survey says Ducks fans are the rudest

Survey says Ducks fans are the rudest »Play Video

SALEM, Ore. -- A Sports Illustrated survey finds the Oregon Ducks' football fans “number one in the Pac-10” for being rude to visiting fans.

Passionate? Yes. Obnoxious? Probably. But not rude, said a number of Ducks fans Monday in response to the survey.

“We’re just really spirited,” said one Ducks fan. “Some people might misinterpret that.”

“Everybody’s out to get us, because now if we win on the third of December, we’re going to Pasadena and that’s huge,” said Jack Kennett, a Ducks fan.

Oregon’s rivals did help sway the vote, however.

Almost 83 percent of all Huskies voted Oregon fans the worst, followed by 67 percent of all voting Beavers. Additionally, roughly 59 percent of ballot-casting Cougars voted Ducks fans the worst.

“It’s unfortunate we had the entire state of Washington vote against us,” said a University of Oregon student who identified himself as “Grim Duck.” “They’re just mad because they lost six years in a row to the No. 1 program in the Northwest.”

After last weekend’s game at Arizona - where Arizona fans threw water bottles and batteries at the Ducks' players and cheerleaders, leaving one with a concussion - many Duck fans said they are in shock they’re the ones getting the bad rap.

“We don’t throw water bottles at people,” said one UO student.

In response to the survey, UO’s Sports Information Director Dave Williford said, “Anybody who voted that way [should] take a look at Tucson,” referring to the Arizona game.

On the campus of Oregon State, students there said they have a lot of respect for the Ducks. However, several said, Ducks fans are still rude to them.

“I feel like they’re more cocky than we are because they have the prettiest jerseys,” said one Oregon State student.

“And they got a rich Daddy, too,” added another.

On a related note, several students on Oregon State’s campus said that the “Grim Reaper” Duck and a group of Ducks fans were on Oregon State’s campus egging the Beavers on.

Let the games begin.