115th Civil War suffering from a lack of hype? Really?

115th Civil War suffering from a lack of hype? Really? »Play Video

In the video attached to this story, KATU Sports Director Katy Brown and sports reporter Craig Birnbach break down the 115th Civil War matchup.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Where is the usual pre-game buildup for the annual meeting between The Oregon Ducks and the Oregon State Beavers?

With the 3-8 Beavers having the proverbial rebuilding season (and out of bowl contention) and the 9-2 Ducks out of the BCS championship picture after a close loss to USC last week, some people are saying this year's contest is lacking the stakes of past battles where big post-season games were on the line.

Other are saying, "oh really?"

A Civil War win for the Ducks has them hosting the inaugural PAC-12 Championship contest and, with a win there, a lock on a return trip to the Rose Bowl game, where they have not won since 1917.

A win for the Beavers would amount mostly to another Giant Killers upset and spoiling the Ducks post-season party - always a strong motivator for the Orange and Black.

It's a tall order for the Beavers, who are four-touchdown underdogs and are playing the game on the Duck's home turf at Autzen Stadium in Eugene.

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