'If he stayed, he'd probably get the championship, but now he's gone'

'If he stayed, he'd probably get the championship, but now he's gone'

EUGENE, Ore. -- It's a question many hard-core football fans will ask for years to come: Where were you when Chip Kelly left Oregon for the NFL?

For mechanic Dan Bowden, the answer is, under the hood of a car.

On Wednesday, Dan analyzed Kelly's move. "I think he did like most people do. He used his leverage and negotiations and when they backed up the trucks with, loaded with enough money, then he decided it was time to go," he said.

National Gaurdsman Michael Tieman was getting a hair cut. "Its very disappointing," he said. "I just found out about 20 or 30 minutes ago, and I don't think I've had time to let it all soak in."

The woman behind the clippers, hairdresser Rebecca McKenzie, says the shop has been buzzing all day. "Yeah, everybody seems to be talkin' about it in here, nobody wants to see him leave," she said.

Between bites of her burger, Karen Crauder says there might be hard feelings. "If whoever starts coaching the Ducks doesn't miss a beat and  and picks up where Chip left off, then we won't need him back," she said.

Duck fans in Roseburg were stunned at the news that Kelly is taking his visor to Philadelphia.

While most were surprised Kelly changed his mind, most said they believe the Ducks will do just fine without him.

Roseburg resident Emma Simons said that even so, he's sad to see Chip go. "We'd rather he stay. My whole family. Both my sons, both in the service, they're both duck fans."

On the south coast, Duck fans we talked with were also taken by surprise.

Steven Schneiderman from the Marshfield Booster Club says he was pretty shocked. "Well, after the Fiesta Bowl, we were sure he was staying, and then this came as a big surprise that all of a sudden he's gone, so it was surprising," he said.

Shawn McNally said, "You can't lose a guy like him, he's been there four years, through four straight BCS bowls, national championship run. If he stayed one more year he'd probably get the championship, but now he's gone."

Even as Chip Kelly boarded a plane for Philadelphia, there's a lot of talk about who will take over as head coach of the Ducks.

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