He's back! Thank goodness it's April 1

He's back! Thank goodness it's April 1
Photo posted on the University of Oregon Facebook page.

EUGENE, Ore. - Almost a decade after he hatched to the halftime horror of Oregon Duck fans, he's back.

Sort of.

The University of Oregon announced Monday on Facebook that Mandrake is back.

"Welcome back from spring break, students!" the University posted. "We're pleased to announce today the return of an old friend, Mandrake, as co-mascot of the University of Oregon. (Please do NOT call him Roboduck!) Go Ducks!"

Unlike former Ducks who dubbed the muscled mallard "RoboDuck" and "Duck Vader," new students at UO reacted favorably to the news.

"I feel like old traditional students may be like oh no lets stick to the old thing," said Edwin Espino, "but I feel like bringing something new in would be kind of cool."

"Mandrake seems very masculine and strong and kind of scary in a way," said student Sarah Penney.

Today's students were children when Mandrake hatched at halftime of the Stanford game in 2003.

The backlash from Oregon fans roiled the state in an era when fax machines were still more prevalent than Facebook.

The buff "Duck Vader" vanished, and the googly eyed Duck with a penchant for pushups that many call "Puddles" presided over Oregon's rise to a top-tier football program.

So is Mandrake back?

Sure, and 41 people on the International Space Station are reading this story on KATU.com.

Check the calendar.