Thorns' goalkeeper: Striking hair, even bigger personality

Thorns' goalkeeper: Striking hair, even bigger personality »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Portland Thorns’ goalkeeper has quite the personality – and an eye-catching hairdo to go with.

She may not grab all the headlines for the top-ranked Thorns, but Karina LeBlanc is making quite an impression on her new team on and off the field.

Her teammates love her infectious laugh along with her world-class skills as a goalkeeper. Just ask Christine Sinclair, who has played with LeBlanc for both the Thorns and for Team Canada.

“She just makes the whole environment more relaxed. You know, she’s a jokester. She likes to have fun, but when it’s time to play, it’s business,” Sinclair said.

LeBlanc’s personality seems to fit right in in the Rose City.

“What’s incredible in getting to know more about Portlandians? … You see the unique side of them, and I mean, I guess I’m a bit unique myself, so I can definitely relate,” LeBlanc said.

Part of her unique spirit is, of course, her hair. She drew attention with a bright red ‘do at the home opener.

“I think I’m going to keep the red for the rose. It’s cute,” LeBlanc said. “I bumped into a mom and she said her daughter and son were going to ball red, so maybe it’s a little trend. You know, if it makes people laugh, that’s great. I mean, I want people to just see us and love us for who we are both on and off the field.”

LeBlanc said she doesn’t have a new hairdo planned and might even some suggestions via Twitter.

The Thorns play Chicago next on Sunday.