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One sport, two sports, three sports for Liz Brenner

One sport, two sports, three sports for Liz Brenner

EUGENE, OR - Liz Brenner was a four sport prep athlete at Portland's Jesuit High School. Now Brenner has answered the call to be a three sport athlete at the University of Oregon as a freshman.

"I was able to call (softball coach) Mike White back and let him know that I was able to play softball too," said Brenner.

She chose to accept a scholarship from Oregon as a volleyball player, but now Brenner can add basketball and softball to her collegiate resume.  It's a topic that comes up with her friends.

"'What? You're doing softball now too?' And we have this whole conversation," explained Brenner. "It's just pretty cool how everyone else is excited about it. It makes me that much more excited about it too and I'm just enjoying college. That's for sure."

Brenner joined the basketball team following an injury to Amanda Johnson. She joined the softball team following an injury to catcher and third baseman Courtney Ceo.

"There was never a doubt in my mind that I couldn't do it," said Brenner. "I don't know. I'm just used to it from high school. Just seems like everyday life to me."

Brenner's not the first three sport star at Oregon. The most recent three sport athlete, Jordan Kent, did some of his best work at Hayward Field.

"I think that's terrific that she's able to do all that, especially as a freshman because you look at the transition from high school to college is very difficult for just one sport," said Kent. "So, for her do three, I think that's amazing."

Brenner will play volleyball and basketball next season. Softball is up in the air. And so is track and field.

"The track coach has talked to me and would like for me to throw some javelin at some point," said Brenner. "We'll have to see, but I'm not counting it off the list."

"I encourage her to do as much as she can and just shoot for the stars," said Kent. "I think it's terrific that she's doing three. I'm sure she can do four."

She just might accept that call.

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