Lowell's Cardwell seeing red on TD record

Lowell's Cardwell seeing red on TD record »Play Video
Zac Cardwell has his eyes on the state TD record.

LOWELL, Ore. - Number 51 for Lowell High School cannot be stopped. 

At least Zac Cardwell hasn't been yet.

"He would start at any high school in the state," said his coach Tim Pinson. 

"He's 6-feet, 1-inch, 190 pounds and he's solid. He's not a 'breakaway speed guy,' but I don't care who you are. He will run you over," Pinson said.

Zac's coach should know. Before coming over to Lowell this season, Pinson spent the past two years at Crow High School.

The first year head coach praises Cardwell's work ethic saying it's the best he has ever seen.

Cardwell picked up that trait from his father. "My dad trained me to be a hard worker. Just shut up and play."

Dad's advice has paid off in cascading amounts of stats and accolades in Zac's four years in the Red Devil red. Not to mention his three state titles on the wrestling mat.

Cardwell believes wrestling is his calling.

Perhaps nothing beats his first two years playing in the same backfield as his brother Caleb. Now a Sophomore, 174-pound wrestler at Oregon State. Otherwise known as the other number 51 in Lowell football lore.

Zac boasted, "I kind of gave him a hard time about it because the very first game of the season that I was 51, I think I scored six touchdowns. I told him, you know I'm the real 51."

Caleb chimed in, "he's bigger than me now so I'm like, you just take it, I don't care. It makes me look better too."

Now with 93 scores, the kid who routinely gets into the endzone three to even six times a game, Cardwell is well within reach of Cory McCaffrey's state record of 114. But some people may diminish Zac's achievements since he plays in what some say is a lesser brand for football: 1A 8-man football, instead of the 11-man football played at larger schools.

Big brother Caleb heard the same thing during his time in high school doesn't pay any mind to the naysayers. "You can look at it however you want, you be the judge," he said.

Judging by the numbers, Zac is a stud - no matter how you slice it.


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