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Iraq vet: I tried to stop a Timbers ticket scalper and got punched

Iraq vet: I tried to stop a Timbers ticket scalper and got punched

PORTLAND, Ore. - Sometimes it takes an army to stand up for innocent people - and in this case, we're talking about the Timbers Army.

Our news partners at Willamette Week report the group is taking it upon themselves to stop ticket scalping outside games and one of them paid a price for it.

Matthew Braddock is not just a member of the Timbers Army - he was also in the real Army and lost a leg in Iraq. He said he got into an altercation outside the stadium during Sunday's game.

Braddock said he heard a scalper trying to sell a $25 ticket for $80 and decided to step between the scalper and the fan. He said he and the scalper exchanged angry words before he decided to walk away.

"After a while, I decided it was a little much," Braddock said. "I decided to leave the situation. As I was leaving, I got halfway across the street and a different scalper in their little group came over and sucker punched me from behind."

Braddock said he wrestled the guy to the ground and held him until officers showed up, but the scalper was not arrested. 

According to Braddock, scalpers buy up Timbers tickets and create false shortages so they can make money charging fans way more than face value. He said you can avoid all that by going to the Timbers ticket exchange on Facebook, where you can get tickets at cost.

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