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By Dave Salesky

6.14" of rain in October that's over 3" above normal. Now it looks like drier weather is returning for at least the first week of November. Go figure, this is turning into an interesting fall.

A weak ridge will begin to build across the region tonight, keeping us dry. I do expect wide spread areas of fog on Friday morning. Some areas could see visibilites below 1/4 of a mile.

After the fog lifts we should have partly to mostly cloudy skies. Temperatures will remain in the low 60s, about 5 degrees above average.

Through at least the middle of next week we'll have no better than a 40% chance of rain. Freezing levels will remain well above pass levels.

Tonight's low 51
Friday's high 60


So far today...

High: 56°
Precip: 0.06"
Low: 56°
69° (1988)
27° (1991)
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Thursday, October 30th 6:00 PM

It's going to be a very wet night across the Pacific Northwest

A cold front will be working its way across Oregon & Washington tonight. Around midnight rain could become heavy at times. Rain amounts locally might top .70".  After the front moves to the east expect cooler temperatures and scattered showers. There is even a slight chance of thundershowers.

For trick or treaters, Halloween will not be a total washout. In the late afternoon and early evening showers will be widely scattered. Temperatures will be in the low to middle 50s, dress warmly.

Tonights low 54

Fridays high 56



Scott's Blog

Weather Blog Awesome time lapse video shows the power of the desert monsoon Awesome time lapse video shows the power of the desert monsoon
This is one of those times that if you have a large, HD monitor around, go find it and then reload this blog. It'll be worth it.

Mike Olbinski, a fantastic photographer who lives in Arizona, has spent the summer chasing the monsoon storms that wrought towering thunderclouds, vivid lightning, incredible downpours and intense dust storms.
Weather Blog Passing rain shower costs Minnesota pitcher $500,000
I'm sure we've all had times where a rain shower has ruined a picnic, or perhaps turned your commute into a trip rivaling Wagner's "The Ring" for length of time.

But I'll bet it's never cost you a cool half million dollars!
Weather Blog Northern Lights could make appearance later this week
A strong solar storm is in progress, and for those ever hoping to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, its timing couldn't be better. says not one, but two coronal mass ejections (CMEs -- fancy word for solar flares) have erupted and are speeding toward Earth.

Their expected arrival is Friday for the first one and Saturday for the second one, which means both Friday night -- and perhaps even Thursday night if it's a bit quicker -- and Saturday night could see a display of the Northern Lights. It's a near slam dunk for the higher latitudes but even our area has a chance to get a peek if the stars align.
Weather Blog Sunny Northwest day stuns ISS astronaut
I would think being an astronaut living on the International Space Station would find a new sight each day in the cosmos to be in sheer wonder.

Friday brought a rare sight to NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman -- something he says never happens and he had a front row seat.

A galaxy supernova? Not quite; seen it before.

Rain on the moon? That would qualify but still no need for meteorologists there.

No, while it was weather-related, it had to do with our own Pacific Northwest:

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